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New Executive Director

The Board of Directors has named Erwin Mayer as the Executive Director of St. Leonard’s Ministries.

Leadership Change at St. Leonard’s Ministries

The Board and Staff of St. Leonard’s Ministries welcomes Erwin Mayer as our acting Executive Director. He began his work in this role on May 9th, 2016. Erwin brings to the agency the gifts of financial acumen as well as the management skills we need as the agency navigates these challenging times. He is passionate about the work of re-entry and committed to working with the board, staff and residents as we strengthen and deepen our work.

We are deeply grateful to Walter Boyd, who concluded his work at St. Leonard’s on May 6th, 2016, for the dedication and energy he has brought to the agency over the past three years as our Executive Director and we wish him well as he uses his considerable gifts in new endeavors.

David P. Jones
St. Leonard’s Board President

HMIS Client Information System – Chicago Standard HMIS Privacy Posting

This notice describes how this agency will use and protect the information about you that is entered into Chicago’s HMIS client information system and your rights to decide how your information is shared. The policies stated in the Standard Agency Privacy Practices Notice can be amended at any time. Please read the full Standard Agency Privacy Practices Notice for more details.
Why we collect your information
• We use the personal information to run our programs and to help us improve services.
• We use the information to get a more accurate picture of individuals and families who are homeless and to identify the need for different services.
• We are required to collect some personal information by organizations that fund our program.
Agency use of your information
• Information will be entered into Chicago’s HMIS computerized client information system and shared with other agencies unless you specifically request otherwise.
• Your personal information entered into Chicago’s HMIS will be shared only as permitted or required by law or as authorized by you.
• Your information will be removed from the database after 7 years of inactivity.
Your benefits to providing information
• By providing your information, we may be able to reduce the amount of information we have to ask you when you receive services at another agency.
• We can use your information to more quickly identify services you may need and those for which you are eligible.
• We use HMIS to reduce the amount of time we spend on preparing reports to our funders allowing us to provide more services to you.

Your rights and choices
• You have the right to request a copy of the Standard Agency Privacy Practices Notice from this agency.
• You have the right to change your mind about allowing your information to be shared with other Chicago HMIS partner agencies.
• You have a right to review the personal information that we have about you. If you find mistakes you can request they be corrected.
• You have a right to file a complaint if you feel that your data privacy rights have been violated.

Contact information:
Agency Information (hereinafter “this agency”)
St. Leonard’s Ministries
2100 West Warren Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: 312-738-1414

HMIS Lead Agency Information:
Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness
651 W. Washington, Suite 504
Chicago, IL 60661


General Summary: The Communications / Development Associate is responsible for generating funding to meet both programmatic and administrative needs of the Agency, including capital and program expansion. This position also requires public relations, an understanding of mass communication, direct marketing, and knowledge of social media.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Acts as one of the voices for the Agency with the neighborhood community and with other broad based constituencies:
• Demonstrates compassion and a clear understanding of structural and personal barriers faced by individuals who have been incarcerated;
• Possess a clear understanding of the Agency’s narrative and the ability to translate it onto the social media page;
• Possess core competencies of the usage and navigation of social media sites;
• Adept at using social media listening tools;
• Manages the external communication of information when an emergency or negative occurrence takes place.
2) Creates, edits and ensures the mailing of promotional pieces:
• Creates, edits, and disseminates Passages, the Executive Director’s Newsletter, the Holiday Asking Letter, other fund raising publications, and makes recommendations to maximize communications and outreach;
• Create, edits and ensure broad dissemination of promotional information using a variety of communication strategies;
• Reviews and updates existing database and communication software. Makes recommendations for enhancements to more effectively reach broader audiences and generate appropriate reports.
3) Researches and develops new funding streams in both the public and private sector:
• Stays abreast of fund raising opportunities throughout a vast and diverse network of sources;
• Researches and identifies new local and national foundation support;
• Aggressively cultivates a new and diverse base of individual donors.
4) Completes applications and reports related to current, non-contractual funding sources:
• Maintains a calendar of due dates for foundations, churches and other funding applications;
• Submits applications and accompanying materials in a satisfactory manner;
• Submits all reports and other materials related to applications.
5) Maintains relationships with current, non-contractual funding sources:
• Meets regularly with key contacts at foundations, churches, and other funding entities;
• Ensures use of a variety of communication strategies, including mail, electronic and other mechanisms;
• Strategically and proactively reach out and initiate meetings with funders, attend mission-central gatherings initiated by foundations and other entities.
6) Assists SLM Board with successful execution of its annual fund raiser and other fund generating activities:
• Attends Board Fund Raising Committee meetings and helps to facilitate development and execution of fund raising strategies;
• Acts as the liaison with SLM Administration related to fund raising events;
• Manages and carries out mailings for fund raising events;
• Is present at and helps manage Board fund raising events;
• Prepares reports for the Board related to these events.
7) Works with the Grant and Contracts Manager, the Director of Operations, and the Executive Director on matters related to funding concerns for short and long term planning for the agency.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
(* denotes essential abilities required for this position)

1. * Leadership, self-confidence, creativity, empathy, and strong work ethic.
2. * Ability to construct well-written, convincing and productive fund raising materials.
3. * Ability to be the Agency’s voice in the world of social media.
4. Ability to work with a team and approach people in a manner which creates harmony and cooperation.
5. * Ability to prepare and deliver written and oral reports and presentations in a variety of settings.
6. Ability to effectively manage time for pertinent meetings and conferences.
7. * Ability to move around the city and state as needed.
8. Ability to successfully “sell” SLM brand to a host of audiences and stakeholders.

Resumes may be submitted to:

Sister Jean Hughes Adult High School Graduation

The Sister Jean Hughes Adult High School will hold its graduation at 11:00 AM on Saturday, Dec. 5th at at St. Malachy Catholic Church, 2248 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago.
This graduation is a celebration of hard work and dedication.
We invite you to join us on this special day.