St. Leonard's Ministries - Rebuilding Lives, Reshaping Futures

St. Leonard’s Ministries Administration

Erwin Mayer, Executive Director
Peter Daane, Director of Operations
Juanita Rodriguez, Finance Director
Sharon Kushiner, Development Director
Alexis Cuozzo, Development Manager
Felicia Griffin, Grants & Contracts Manager
Shay Mayweather, Volunteer Manager
Darrell Robinson, Facilities Director
Fr. Bob Trask, Chaplain

St. Leonard’s House

Christopher Roach, Program Director
Halbert Williams, Case Worker

Grace House

Rev. Annie González, Site Administrator
Holly Christian, Program Director

St. Andrew’s Court

David Rosa, Permanent Housing Site Administrator
James Hoskins, Director of Supportive Services

Michael Barlow Center

Lynne Cunningham, Director
Kamil Walton, Director of Education
Lenrow Felton, Employment & Retention Specialist

Harvest Commons Residence

David Rosa, Permanent Housing Site Administrator
Patricia Williams, Director of Supportive Services