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SLM Board of Directors

On June 13th, the SLM Board of Directors held its Annual Meeting at which the following new members were welcomed to the Board:

Herman Brewer
Susie Dunphy
Toni Irving
Rev. David P. Jones
Varnado Payne El

The following Officers were elected:

President: Peter Daane
VP/Personnel: Chris Julsrud
VP/Programs: Jim Russell
VP/Resources: Kevin Dolan
Treasurer: Christopher Nakutis
Secretary: Valerie Hoffman-Hatcher

Progress Reports were given by SLM’s Site Directors.  The Agency’s FY/2010 Budget was approved.  Additionally, the Board approved the Mission Statement and Beliefs recently revisited and reformulated by the entire SLM staff.

MBC Culinary Arts Expansion

Through a Customized Employment grant from the Workforce Services Division of Chicago’s Dept. of Family and Support Services, culinary arts efforts at the Barlow Center will expand to include customer service, barista training and applied culinary skills.  This later component will provide transitional employment opportunities for some of the students who have completed the Barlow Center’s Basic Culinary Arts Class.  Lots cookin’ in the Barlow Center Kitchen with much more to come.

Absolutely Stimulating!

Chicago’s Dept. of Family and Support Services is one of the local channels for access to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds  –  Economic  Stimulus efforts.  SLM  will receive $270,000 in Stimulus funding through DFSS.  The Barlow Center will initiate its own transitional jobs program which will assist 40 individuals as they move to permanent employment.  SLM will develop a relapse prevention program to assist individuals as they continue their struggle to remain drug and alcohol free.  The ultimate goal of both new programs – solidly employed individuals.