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Viceroy Hotel Transformation

St. Leonard’s Ministries continues to collaborate with the Heartland Housing Corporation in the transformation of the Viceroy Hotel (Ashland & Warren) into a supportive housing resource for the Near West Side Community.  Funding for SLM’s participation in project development has been provided through Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust.  Through this funding, Marina Carrott, Project Developer, has been able to create a business plan for Gracie’s Coffee Shop which will occupy space on the first floor of the renewed hotel.  The Coffee Shop will serve as a secondary classroom for students completing the Michael Barlow Center Culinary Arts Class.  Additionally, SLM will rent one entire floor of the building to incorporate a permanent housing component into its Grace House women’s program.  St. Leonard’s Ministries is very grateful for the opportunities provided through Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust.