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Barlow Center Graduations

The Michael Barlow Center proudly graduated four classes during this last quarter.  Two Culinary Arts Classes, Basic and Advanced, completed course work.  Both classes had several opportunities to show off skills during the course of the class.  A large Green Building Maintenance Class graduated a few days before Christmas; among other things, they have become experts in “deconstruction” and  building insulation. The High School Completion Program conferred diplomas on 26 graduates during the same week.  Sister Jean Hughes, OP, SLM Staff and one of the High School Program creators, was the Commencement speaker.  Staff at the Barlow Center work with those graduating to ensure that the diplomas or certificates received are not just hung on the wall but that they become the ticket to finding and keeping employment.  Even in these very difficult economic times, having credentials can make the difference in getting a job.