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United Way Honors St. Leonard’s Ministries

On May 14th, the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago recognized this past year’s special partners who made a difference in the lives of Chicago’s most vulnerable citizens.  Most awards went to large companies and businesses that support the United Way Drive through internal campaigns.  St. Leonard’s Ministries was honored to be one of the agency partners recognized at the luncheon.  The Agency of the Year Award was given to SLM based, in part, on its valuable and collaborative efforts in advancing the United Way Mission.  Staff at all of SLM’s sites donate generously to the United Way, but more than this, they frequently give of their time and energy to speak on behalf of the United Way and to conduct tours of SLM sites as part of company campaigns – truly a viable and energized example of United Way’s Live United slogan!

Board of Directors

St. Leonard’s Ministries Board of Directors held its Annual Meeting on June 12th.  The highlight of the agenda was a presentation in which each of SLM’s Site Administrators presented year-end updates.  In addition to several other agenda items, election of board members and officers took place.  The following Officers were chosen for the coming year:

   President                          Peter Daane    

   VP/Personnel                Chris Julsrud

   VP/Programs                Jim Russell

   VP/Res/Dev’ment       Kevin Dolan

   Treasurer                        Keith Porapaiboon

   Secretary                        Anna Downs-Temple

Joel Filmore, Sam Jones and Angie Schiavitti were welcomed as new board members; each brings a special presence to the board make-up.  Out-going board members, Thomas Gary, Toni Irving and Mary Taylor, were thanked for their generous gifts of time and talent while they were on the Board.

Forging Ahead

At last count, 17 students from last semester’s high school graduating class have transferred their educational engagements to Malcom X College, SLM’s local community college.  It’s just a start, but it does indicate the interest in higher education that is generated through the Barlow Center High School Completion Program – thanks to the efforts of some truly amazing and creative teachers.

Funding on a New Front

The Michael Barlow Center has been awarded an FY/2011 grant of $40,000 from the IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity through its Job Training and Economic Development Program.

The grant will help support the Barlow Center’s employment skills classes: Greenworks: Building Maintenance for the Future and Basic Culinary Skills.  Some of this funding is directly related to job placement after the classes have been completed.  So if you are in need of some talented, if a bit inexperienced, workers in the fields of food service or green technology construction, weatherization or maintenance, contact the Barlow Center.

Grace House Celebrities

Two Grace House residents where featured in a recent issue of Just Released magazine.  Shawn Jones and Glenda Lyons were chosen by the editor, British Digby, for a story that had an economical twist.  They were featured in the cover story, “Dress for Success  After You’re  Released  -  For Under $45.00.”  Something in this for all of us…