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Socks for Second Chances

Step-by-Step, Join Us on the Journey to Second Chances

St. Leonard’s Ministries is celebrating 65 Years of Second Chances! We would be honored to have you show your support for our mission of empowering formerly incarcerated men and women to lead whole and productive lives with the purchase of Socks for Second Chances. With your support, St. Leonard’s will continue to provide hope and healing of body, mind, and spirit to those reentering society. We invite you put your best foot forward and walk with us on the journey of second chances.
Since 1954 St. Leonard’s Ministries has provided reentry services. The men and women who participate in the St. Leonard’s program receive a diverse array of services designed to aid their reentry journey. From on-site cognitive behavioral therapies, to substance use treatment, to physical health assessments and employment training, St. Leonard’s Ministries provides holistic care that invests in the healing of each individual based on their needs. Understanding that no one person’s journey is the same, we tailor our services to walk alongside each person who seeks to rebuild their lives following incarceration.
Nearly 50% of the men and 35% of the women released from Illinois prisons and jails will return to prison within one year of release. However, for those who complete the St. Leonard’s program, only 16% of the men and 5% of the women return to prison. That is a huge reduction in the number of lives lost to the revolving door of prison, the number of fathers and mothers removed from parenting their children, and the number of individuals removed from their home communities. Our programs work and we can’t do it without you!
Take the walk with us and show your St. Leonard’s pride with the purchase of Socks for Second Chances. The 65th anniversary commemorative crew length socks are blue, with dark blue halos, a coordinating blue toe and the 65th year anniversary logo on the front and back. Beyond making a fashion statement, these socks support Second Chances. We ask that you consider making a purchase that makes a difference. Order your pair today!
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