Michael Barlow Center / Education Programs

St. Leonard's Ministries - Empowering formerly incarcerated men and women to lead whole and productive lives.

High School Preparation/Literacy Tutoring:

The small-class format of this program is designed to offer individual assistance for the adult student who has been away from school for some time or has difficulty learning in a large classroom environment. Volunteer teachers – all experienced educators – assist in this activity, which is carried out at different times during the week. The focus is on basic math skills and reading/writing skills.

Sister Jean Hughes Adult High School:

This single-semester, senior year equivalency program provides an opportunity for formerly incarcerated adult students (over the age of 21) to earn a high school diploma. The program has been in operation for 16 years and has graduated 567 students. Classes meet four nights a week for 3.5 hours and are taught by some of the finest educators in Chicago; most are seasoned college professors or adult educators. For those who are not residents of St. Leonard’ Ministries and are interested in enrolling, registration for the fall semester opens the first week of August, and registration for the spring semester opens the second week of January.

One-on-One Tutoring:

This is available for any formerly incarcerated adult who requests it. Tutors generally meet for one-hour sessions and can work with students in any subject.

Volunteer Opportunities:

If you are interested in volunteering as a tutor, summer workshop leader, high school teacher or teacher’s aide, fill out the registration form below or contact Laura Popovics, Director of Education at 312/894-7983.

Adult High School Instructor or Tutor Registration.