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A Grievance Procedure is in place at the Michael Barlow Center of St. Leonard’s Ministries to give students the opportunity to seek administrative review in any matter when a student believes they have been treated inappropriately or unfairly.

1. If a student has a matter they believe needs to be addressed, the student should first meet with the staff personal who has responsibility for the matter and seek an informal resolution.
2. If the student believes the matter is still unresolved and wants a formal resolution, the student can obtain a grievance form from the main office of the Michael Barlow Center. The student should complete the form and return in to the main office.
3. The Office Manager will accept the form from the student and record it in the Grievance Log. The Office Manager shall also initial and the date the grievance, make a copy, and give the copy to the student, which shall serve as the receipt for the student.
4. The Office Manager shall give the grievance to the Director of the Michael Barlow Center. The Director shall investigate the matter raised in the grievance, take action on the matter as necessary, and provide the student with a written response as soon as feasible.
5. The Office Manager shall maintain a file with a copy of every grievance.
6. Complaints may be registered at the address below:
Illinois Board of Higher Education
http://complaints.ibhe.org accessible through the agency’s website at www.ibhe.org
or by mail:
Illinois Board of Higher Education
1 North Old State Capital Plaza #333
Springfield, IL 62701-1377

Lynne Cunningham
Director, Michael Barlow Center
December 18, 2014