Saint Leonard’s Leadership and Board; Diverse, committed, passionate, and representative of those we serve.

Saint Leonard’s Leadership

Zack Schrantz, Executive Director

Juanita Rodriguez, Finance Director

Christopher Roach, Saint Leonard’s House Program Director

David Rosa, Permanent Housing Site Administrator

Cathy Lesmeister, Director of Grants & Quality Improvement

Ivory Snow, Chief Administrative Officer

Lashonda Cameron, Senior Program Director

Darrell Robinson, Facilities Director

Sunday Davis, Director of Workforce

Tenille Sneed, Grace House Program Director

Volunteering, Fundraising & External Partnerships

Gloria Riley, Volunteer Coordinator

Rev. Wes Smedley, Manager of Mission Advancement & Chaplin

David Harris, Intake & Housing Manager

Saint Leonard’s Board of Directors

Craig Espevick, President

Ryan Hatten, Vice President

Rev. Larry Green

T. Manning

Charlie Fritschner

Breanna Nicole Kantor

Courtney Owens

Michael Roane

Halbert Williams

Colette Payne

Manny Perez

Matt White, Treasurer

Sallie L. Gaines, Secretary

Matthew McFarland

Cheryl Gaines, MD

Nikki Donnelly

Rachel Leonor Ramirez

Aisha Truss-Miller

Susan Cox

Fred Long

Sally Gonzalez

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