Saint Leonard’s transforms lives

Saint Leonard’s empowers formerly incarcerated men and women to lead whole and productive lives.

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Saint Leonard’s is a place where they believe in second and third chances. Saint Leonard’s will not just turn their back on you and throw you out.

– Joe, Saint Andrew’s Court Alum

How We Work

Helping You Find a way

From renewing the body and nurturing the mind to reviving the spirit, our programs and services guide men and women through the necessary steps to transform their lives for the better. Time spent at Saint Leonard’s often leads to healing, reconciliation with family, and renewed hope for the future.

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Residential Programs

Located in Chicago’s Near West Side community, Saint Leonard’s offers intermediate and long-term housing solutions, as well as an impressive array of specialized services from our partners.

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Employment & Education

Saint Leonard’s Barlow Center, open to anyone with a criminal background, offers a unique array of essential education and job readiness services, as well as individualized career counseling.

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Saint Leonard’s Impact

From day one, Saint Leonard’s provides a close-knit family atmosphere in a small residential campus. The community is characterized by a spirit of non-judgmental understanding, openness and honesty.


From Those We’ve Helped

Hours of mental health counseling provided by Adler annually
Saint Leonard’s graduates, achieving professional and educational goals, experiencing personal transformation, reuniting with their families, and working to restore their communities annually
Hours of substance use treatment provided annually

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