We empower formerly incarcerated men and women to lead whole and productive lives.

Who We Serve

Saint Leonard’s serves formerly incarcerated community members largely from the South and West Side of Chicago. The majority of participants identify as people of color, have multiple arrests and incarcerations, and have faced homelessness. Approximately 75% of participants come to Saint Leonard's with substance use challenges and over 30% have a mental illness. Returning citizens experience overwhelming challenges as they return to society. Saint Leonard’s addresses needs that were unaddressed or under addressed in prison while providing comprehensive services to facilitate successfully returning to our communities.

Why Saint Leonard’s?

Because Saint Leonard’s Ministries has successfully kept people out of prisons since 1954! The recidivism rate in Illinois for is nearly 50% for men and 38% for women. Participants in Saint Leonard’s Ministries recidivism rate is slashed to an incredible 16% for men and 5% for women. training. Men and women transform their lives as evidenced by an exceptionally low recidivism rate with 95% of women and 84% of men remaining free after completing the Saint Leonard’s Program.

At Saint Leonard's, participants have access to the variety of services needed for successful reentry. Participants have access to safe housing, basic needs, life skills training, behavioral and physical health care, and workforce development training all on one campus. Saint Leonard's is proud that many staff members have experienced incarceration and share life experiences with those we serve, allowing deeper connection.

“Saint Leonard’s is my world, my rock. Their people are always giving me a helping hand, and have something positive to offer.”

— Kip, Barlow Center Alum