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Ensuring that people live with dignity – that’s the Saint Leonard’s Ministries experience.

“The buildings represent that narrative,” says Darrell Robinson, Director of Facilities. “It’s not just a facilities thing. I’m more concerned with our people so they wake up and feel great about themselves.

“If you wake up and the room needs new paint, carpet or windows, it does something to your psyche. Beige and eggshell white put you in a somber mood. We want to put some accent walls – teal and light colors to make you feel good. TVs and elevators. Things that make you say, ‘They care about us because they’re putting their money where their mouth is.’”

Robinson leads a team of seven people who maintain eight buildings, uplift our community and build relationships. The team members are Saint Leonard’s alumni who either lived on campus or participated in our programs. And they know how to work with buildings that were built decades ago.

The work order can be as specific as repairing a door or an appliance. For Robinson, the small things matter. They help accomplish the big picture for the 73 men and 16 women currently residing on campus.

“We may think something like a light bulb is miniscule, but for a person who wants to read, small appeasements like that mean so much,” he says.

There’s also a mindset that underpins the response to each work order.

“Knowing that regardless of how stressful the day is, I’m avidly making an attempt to make a difference,” Robinson says. “Whether it’s two people that I reach in conversations or whether it’s one or 15 in a day, when I reach that a-ha moment with the person, that’s my reward. That’s what keeps me coming back to Saint Leonard’s.”

“I believe that’s our core fabric – wanting to help people.”

As Saint Leonard’s celebrates its 70th year and looks to the future, we will upgrade our community-style living via more individuality and privacy. It’s what Grace House and Saint Leonard’s House residents deserve.

We will create spaces that support privacy and dignity by featuring: single bedrooms (no more shared individual spaces), more bathrooms and additional air-conditioning.

This is the type of living that Saint Andrew’s Court residents on our campus already enjoy. We will make it communitywide.

Additional campus upgrades will include: elevator and lift support for ADA access and easier mobility; new security systems, cameras and privacy fencing; energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems; preparations for solar energy; and new kitchens and other improvements to social spaces (like those teal accent walls that Robinson mentions).

“Our population is one that has been thrown away at various points in their life. And when they come to Saint Leonard’s Ministries,” Robinson says, “we want them to realize they are human beings. And regardless of your past, you still matter.”

The first core value at Saint Leonard’s Ministries is “Everybody Matters.”

Including you.

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